Please recognize that naturopathic medicine represents a different, highly individualized model of care.

Most medical doctors see patients for a very short period of time and therefore must treat most cases in a relatively generic fashion. Naturopathic Doctors invest a great deal of time and investigative thought preparing for each individual person, even before their initial visit.

Fees are based on a rate of $50 per 1/2 an hour.

Adult Initial Naturopathic Visit (minimum 1.5 hours)                $150

Follow up Adult Visit (45 min.)                                                    $75


Pediatric Initial Naturopathic Visit (varies 1 hr -1.5 hrs)             $100-$150

Follow up Pediatric Naturopathic Visits (30 – 45min)                   $50-$75


Acute Naturopathic Visit (15 minutes)                                          $35

All telephone consults of more than 5 minutes duration               $40 per 1/2 an hour

House Call mileage (distance one way from nearest office)           $1 per mile


Missed appointments without one business day notice                 $40

Fees and Services are subject to change.


Any recommended supplements or homeopathic remedies are not included in the above fees. On average recommended supplements may cost $100-$150 per month.




Payment Methods


We accept Cash or Check (payable to Dr. Estella Verdouw, ND).  Payment for your appointment is required at the end of each visit.  A $40.00 charge will be levied for any returned check.



Cancellation Policy


Please ensure to give at least one business day cancellation notice. This will allow for consideration of other patients who would also like to schedule an appointment.  Failure to give one business day notice will result in a charge of $40.00.



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