Yesterday after my appointment my ankle felt better and I followed your advice as much as possible (even doing the things before bed as you suggested).My foot looks normal this morning! Thanks for your help.

JG~~ Jefferson County, NY


In the winter of 2015 I started having some pretty uncomfortable digestive issues.  I was used to having heartburn, and occasional diarrhea, but this was different.  After eating I would become very bloated. It was so bad it would cause chest pain, then I would belch and it would go away for a while, then it would come back.  I went through this cycle for an hour or two after each meal. I also always felt hungry, even if I just finished eating.  I knew, from experience, that if I went the route of conventional medicine they would prescribe antacid/acid reflux medications that while they would alleviate my symptoms they would cause me other digestive issues.  I am also a label reader, and I didn’t want to deal with any of the other side effects that they listed.  I had been thinking that I would like to try a naturopathic method of health care for a while; I had been caring around Dr. Verdouw’s card for months.  This was the impetus I needed.

When I called Dr. Verdouw, ND for an appointment she got me in quickly.  She mailed me a questionnaire that asked me more questions about my life and health, and the life and health of my family, than all other doctors I have ever seen have asked me collectively.  The diet that she put me on seemed very restrictive but because I was in so much discomfort I knew I had to give it a try.  Between the diet and the other Naturopathic modalities she suggested I had considerable relief in three days!  I was happy with this and I would have been happy to stop there but because Dr. Verdouw, ND knew about all of my other aches and pains, due to her extensive questionnaire and interview, she helped me with several other issues that I had chalked up to “aging or normal”.

  • Last summer I realized that for the first time in years I could bend over and plant my garden without heartburn/acid reflux. I could also get down on my hands and knees easier than in the past.
  • In the fall as I was going up and down stairs, with all of the canned goods from the garden, my knees didn’t hurt!
  • And this winter when I decided I wanted to repaint my office I couldn’t believe how quick and painless the process was. The year before I wouldn’t have attempted it, my health was that poor.

I still have some health challenges, but with Dr. Verdouw’s help I have a much better understanding of my own body.  The diet, that at first seemed so restrictive, has shown me what foods really affect my health.  I have fun creating recipes from good foods. I have lost some weight without “counting calories”, and I am never hungry.  Thank you Dr. Verdouw (for being my Naturopathic Doctor)!

RW ~~ Monroe County


Pineapple core teether_150722 age11months

Delighted and a picture of good health, age 11 months and been a patient since before he was born.

♥ JG ~~ Jefferson County, NY



I met Dr. Verdouw, ND during a free consult at the food co-op and decided to see her for my cough I had been suffering from for the last year.  My cough was so bad, it made me vomit.

Well my cough is gone and I feel better than I have in years!  I certainly can recommend her.

DK ~~ Jefferson County


My mother is 102 years young and when she had a stroke five years ago she began to cry instead of talk, for years she was crying and restless all day long.  We took her to see Dr. Verdouw, ND last year and by the grace of God and naturopathic care, my mother is less restless and can talk again.

During my mother’s most recent yearly physical her 50 year old, longtime MD commented, “She’s healthier than I am!”

God willing my mother will celebrate her 103rd birthday next month and our family is very grateful.

ADF ~~ Monroe County


Thank you very much Dr. Verdouw … (my daughter) is doing well plus it has been a year this February since (my son) had an asthma attack.  I am so thankful for your help.

♥ JG ~~ Jefferson County, NY



Since 2010, when I had surgery to repair a tear in my esophagus, a Nissen Fundoplication, I have had difficulties eating and digesting food, and lost over 40 pounds.  At first, the doctors told me it would take a few months before I would be back to normal.

Then when I started to have chronic diarrhea, it was suggested that I was gluten intolerant.  I was told the standard test for confirming that was an endoscopy to take a tissue sample.  I refused to go through another procedure, and was sent to a nutritionist.

She gave me a printed diet, and I began to muddle through as best I could.  This approach continued until January of 2014:

At which time, I had continuous bouts of explosive diarrhea, and could not digest anything, and ended-up in the emergency room for two units of fluids.  Over the course of the next four months, I lost another 20 pounds.

I had a colonoscopy with “normal results”, and then the surgeon had me take a home breath test to determine if I was allergic to high fructose corn syrup.  That test was positive. So I had gluten and high fructose corn syrup intolerance.  At that point, I was going to be sent back to the dietician, where there was a 6 week wait for an appointment.  I decided there has to be another way.

It was late spring when a friend of mine saw Dr. Estella Verdouw, ND’s ad in the local newspaper in Clayton, NY.  I called and set up an appointment.  I provided her with the medical records she requested beforehand.

We had a lengthy meeting, and Dr. Verdouw sent me home with a hypoallergenic diet with recipes and a shopping list and several bottles (vitamins, probiotics, and other beneficial substances) to help me.  Within a month, I was feeling better, and the diarrhea had subsided.  Since then, I have met with her or had phone consults several times and based on our discussions she changed my regimen as needed.

It is late fall now and I have gained almost 7 pounds, and am feeling well.  I even find I can now eat foods containing gluten and/or high fructose and not have difficulties digesting.

Dr. Verdouw, ND did for me what the mainstream medical community could not, and I am forever grateful that our paths crossed.

NB ~~ St. Lawrence County


Dr. Estella Verdouw helped me treat my twins recurring problem. She was very informative and helpful with finding a solution to treat the problem. Naturopathic medicine has helped to improve the overall health of my family.

MB ~~ Riverside County


Dear Dr. Verdouw,
Thank you for coming into my life and giving me hope of getting well and off of antibiotics.
Yours truly,  E H~~Monroe County


“Dr. Estella Verdouw, ND I am so grateful that with your help I have been able to stop taking steroids and no longer have the side effects they were causing.  I have been recommending you to my friends and family who are also happy they have you to help them with their health problems.”

M.P. ~~ Riverside County


”Estella Verdouw, ND provided me with great advice on how to treat a very painful boil in a sensitive area on my body.  Her knowledgeable advice provided me with the means to deal with the boil in an expeditious fashion.  It cleared up soon after I implemented her plan of action. Thank you Estella!”

P.D. ~~ Riverside County


“Dear Dr. Estella Verdouw, N.D.

I just wanted to say that you are one of the best psychological/spiritual counselors I have seen. You have an innate understanding of what the other person is feeling and you get right to the problem without any hesitation.

Also, it helps tremendously that you use a way of communicating that helped me describe clearly my feelings and with your supportive, kind, compassionate, caring guidance get to the underlying cause of my problem.  That is just what I needed as you helped me to learn a permanent solution.

Dr. Verdouw, Thank You for doing God’s work in helping me connect with my spiritual body through my thoughts, feelings, words, emotions and deeds.”

A.M. ~~ Ontario, Canada


Dr. Estella Verdouw, ND has come to my rescue many times when I have been overwhelmed and indecisive.  Her combination of nutrition advice and pressure points instantly relax me, calm my mind and help me to get peaceful sleep!  My sleep often becomes un-restful when stress from work and family life build up.  After a treatment with Dr. Verdouw I feel renewed, energized and have a more positive outlook.

She sternly and loving tells me to remember to take my supplements for the next few months and this helps to make the energy work she has done have lasting effects.

Her knowledge and experience in Naturopathic Medicine have supported me through melanoma, anxiety and adrenal fatigue.  I am very thankful to have her as a Naturopathic Physician.

LC ~~ Livingston County


Dearest Dr. Estella: You have healed me in many ways! Dr. Verdouw’s naturopathic treatments for digestive issues and back pain are truly amazing!  Even her gentle techniques using pressure point therapy were extremely helpful, providing lasting relief in a mere hour or two!  I’ve always been a difficult patient, unwilling to put my stubbornness behind, but there she was, always ready to re-tailor anything to fit my lifestyle (and taste buds!). I highly recommend her for her caring nature, her determination to seek out & address the main root of dis-ease– the spirit of a true healer!     A.J. ~~ Ontario, Canada


I would like to introduce Estella Verdouw ND. ( Doctor of Naturopathy)

Estella combines a background of many years of training and experience, coupled with a gentle and caring nature for her patients.

For those seeking an alternative to the quick fix, band aid solution that has become commonplace in society, Naturopathic care offers many advantages.

Patients firstly identify past health history before any present day assessments are made. Following appointments and health goal setting encompass tailor made plans using more natural and less invasive methods of treatment.

My own experience as a past patient of Estella before geographical restraints separated us was undoubtedly a high point in my previous medical encounters.

To those people that will come under her care, I can assure you that that you will be in good, capable and loving hands.

T.N. ~~ Burlington Ontario Canada.